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Genesis of a tribute

Published in Catalan in the booklet «A life dedicated to the Law», regarding the tribute Centenary, pages 22-23. In the summer of 1998, a small group of legal professionals with an open office in Tarrega brought into existence the idea of ​​organizing an act of tribute to Dr. Ramon Maria Roca Sastre, in an informal […]

One hundred years since the birth of an universal Catalan jurist: Ramon Maria Roca i Sastre

Published in Catalan in the newspaper Avui, section Diàleg, 27th September 1999. Joan Bernà Notary and spokesman from the Roca Sastre Centenary tribute commission People could say that “law is the poetry of life” or that “law is not created but discovered”. An unskilled-legal secular look would sentence the gratuitousness of both sentences. However, a […]

The Humanism from Lluís Roca-Sastre

<em>Published in Catalan in the newspaper </em>El Periódico de Catalunya<em>, section la Càbala, on 21<sup>st</sup> July 2000. </em> If 1999 was legally significant for the centenary of Ramon Maria Roca Sastre, the first Catalan jurist of the century, with emotional and sincere tributes, this year has just taken place, on 14<sup>th</sup> July, the death of […]