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Genesis of a tribute

Published in Catalan in the booklet «A life dedicated to the Law», regarding the tribute Centenary, pages 22-23.

In the summer of 1998, a small group of legal professionals with an open office in Tarrega brought into existence the idea of ​​organizing an act of tribute to Dr. Ramon Maria Roca Sastre, in an informal and friendly way, gestated, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth in the city of Tarrega, in 1899. We considered, in the initial conversations, that the silence about the event should not be allowed for us of being stronger than our ability to get excited about each other and, therefore, than our organizational solidarity to conceive something, simple and dignified, which allowed to project the reminder of the importance of the honored figure, throughout Urgell, Segarra, the lands of Ponent and perhaps -we thought- Barcelona and Catalonia.

The enthusiasm of the mayor, Mr. Frederic Gené i Ripoll, and the Councilor of Culture, Mr. Joan-Lluís Tous i Álvarez, were a decisive endorsement, not only for the realization of “what” but also for the profile of “how”. The only thing missing was to obtain the approval and the collaboration of the continuator of the legal work of Dr. Roca, his son and prestigious notary Lluís Roca-Sastre Muncunill, who fitted the proposal with the gratitude of the person who welcomes a shared wish. Since then, he and his wife Mrs. Carmen Burgos-Bosch – without the formidable collaboration that we would not have made so much progress with – have been providing us with invaluable information to streamline our work. In January of this year, the executive committee was finally formed, with the incorporation of all those lawyers, with offices in the judicial district of Cervera, who accepted the proposal, made in a ceremony where everyone was present, to give more scope to the organizing group.

All this has led that the tribute acts offer a significant height, beyond the initial forecasts. Significantly, what they revealed is the magnitude of the character, the lawyer and the man. On May 8, 1999 we staged in Tarrega the reminder of a universal Targarian, who reached its fullness. Each one of the members of the Commission has had an active and singular participation in the organizational tasks and has reached a certain vision of the work of Roca Sastre, as reflected in the different writings in this booklet. Fully aware that the significance of the honored figure should not make us underestimate the healthy critical sense, so necessary in the legal professions, nor should we forget that Roca Sastre must be contextualized in its historical time and as one more piece in the group of jurists who have contributed their different voices in the common house of jurisprudence -in the most classic sense, as knowledge of law-, we understand the set of acts of homage and this same booklet not as an episodic and only festive exercise, around such a great character that it moves us away but as an intellectual and emotional approach at the same time that it re-locates us, more if possible, in the spaces that more properly belong to us: continuous study and recycling, and the moral connection with civil society.

We have found that society is not alien to the interest in jurists, if from our positions we know how to approach it, integrating ourselves in the cultural and social warmth, contributing to the community the baggage of our knowledge, of our capacity. An example without waste has been the “gathering on Thursday”, organized by the Cultural Center of Tarrega on April 22, with the name of “Law as the greatest poetry in life: the legacy of Ramon Maria Roca Sastre”, which took place over two hours, in the midst of an atmosphere of harmony and fluid communication between a good number of citizens and all the members of the organizing committee of this tribute.

Finally, keeps on the existing commitment between the organizing committee and the Department of Culture to complete the tribute acts with the publication, in October of this year, of a book from the Natan collection, where the different interventions produced on the same day May 8 on the figure of the eminent lawyer Ramon Maria Roca Sastre. 

We sincerely appreciate the non-profit collaboration of all the speakers at the symposium and all those involved in civic events, who bring their valuable personal and professional prestige to the tribute.