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Manifesto of Mapundi (Wealth – Employment – Universalism)

Joan Bernà Xirgo
member of the MAPUNDI promoting group
Barcelona, ​​9th April  2020.

The “MAPUNDI Association for the promotion of wealth, employment and universalism” is a non-profit entity in the constitution phase, with headquarters in the city of Barcelona, ​​and with a global personal and territorial scope.

The PURPOSES of the Association are:

First.- Promote the fulfillment and development of all the people of the world, and solidarity among them, in the social, economic and cultural aspects.

Second.- Promote individual and collective wealth, and its constant circulation, by seeking full professional employment, the creation, purchase, sale and, where appropriate, maintenance (in convenient sectors) of companies and organizations that guarantee opportunities, the valuation of work and merit, and continuous training, at all ages, for everyone, and especially for the most disadvantaged; singularly, redirect volunteer actions towards the creation of viable companies, both in the Western World and in the Third World, through social entrepreneurship.

Third.- To promote the development of a favorable conscience to the creation of a world-wide political organism that guarantees a WORLD OF LAW, in which it is recognized that the subject of sovereignty is the person and that materializes the need for multilateral governance, fully representative.


First.- The intervention of a civil association in the economic and commercial world is based on the fact that the laws allow non-profit entities to carry out all kinds of economic activities if their income, as is the case, is exclusively destined to the performance of its own ends, ultimately the common good; the laws also emphasize that the patrimony of the associations cannot be distributed in any case among the associates nor can it be transferred free of charge to specific individuals or to profit-making entities.

The periodic quota to be paid by each associate, which will be affordable, will allow each one of them to participate with full equality of rights in the decisions of the entity and to have, ultimately, the status of beneficiary of their activities and projects, be an entrepreneur, worker or collaborator.

Second.- The link between general well-being of citizens and business activity is stronger when there are a multiplicity of small and medium-sized economic organizations, self-employed professionals and well-paid employees, who participate in the benefits of the constant circulation of wealth, as an alternative to the dominance of powerful corporations that control oligarchically, politically and financially, the life of the planet.

Third.- The application of wealth creation and employment activities in relation to all the people of the world is based on the idea of ​​respect for the radical dignity of each human being, wherever he lives and whatever his personal condition, in the social and ethical convenience of a balanced, sustainable and inclusive development, and in the conviction that only with this participation will it be possible to achieve that a world-based organization (be it the current UN, the same one re-founded or a future and new organization, such as a World People’s Assembly) guarantees peace, global prosperity, the eradication of hunger and poverty, and a sense of “universal citizenship” that implies the universalization of rights and duties and the prevalence of the majority general will of the planet’s inhabitants above the private interests of imperialist states and organizations.

Fourth.- The existence of intermediate entities between the individual and the whole world (states, nations, regions, lands, cities, metropolises, tribes, etc), the structure of which depends on diverse and respectable ideologies (if they are expressed peacefully) it should not impede the democratic configuration of these same entities nor should it block the person – world relationship.

The strength of a universal organization linked to all the territories, that stimulates in an unstoppable and irreversible way the cultural and socioeconomic progress of all the zones, must favor the overcoming of the obstacles derived from corruption, authoritarianism, fanaticism and extreme inequalities. existing within a certain country.


First.- This manifesto is disseminated throughout this month of April 2020. People who wish to do so may participate in the debates and informative sessions that will be organized throughout the month of May with a simple communication to: mapundi @

Second.- At the beginning of May we will send the details regarding the organization of the debates and sessions that will take place the same month and in which you can participate.

Third.- Before the end of June 2020, the Association will be formally constituted by all interested parties, with the creation of the relevant bodies and commissions, activities will begin, the first projects will be specified and the first jobs will be created. .

Fourth.- From July 2020, territorial delegations or associations will be created and, where appropriate, the relevant Federation of Associations will be organized.


At all times, in order to act inclusiveness, the Association’s bodies will communicate with each associate in the language he chooses, no matter how minority it is, and all the necessary translations will be made.

Thanks for your interest.
Health and prosperity for all.


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The person in charge of the files is the signer of the previous manifesto, Joan Bernà Xirgo, and the contact address is

Once the Association has been formally established, the data of the person responsible and contact will be other, which will be indicated at the appropriate time.

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