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Joan Bernà
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JOAN BERNÀ, DICTÀMENS I FORMULARIS JURÍDICS is a center created in 2020 by the jurist Juan Bernà i Xirgo, who works as a notary, adjudicator and legal formulator since 1987, for the creation of adjudications, reports, forms and models related to Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Registry, Mortgage, Urban, Banking and Tax Law.

The operational area is the non-contentious impartial advice, so that in the reports and models issued, the arguments that may be available to all the parties involved are taken into consideration and exposed, regardless of the person who has entrusted them.

The collaborators of the center receive a daily qualified, systematic, cumulative and uninterrupted training and they integrate and harmonize it with the work they develop, in such a way that the specific and systematic aspects of the study and practice of the aforementioned rights are balanced.

The content of this page Reflect a certain concern for the knowledge and interpretation of laws, as well as the cultural and civic plenitude, which is expressed with legal and extra-legal ideas gestated from the Respect all the other thoughts already all, in order to participate in a useful and collaborative way within the legal community and society, in general.

Joan Bernà


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