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The Humanism from Lluís Roca-Sastre

<em>Published in Catalan in the newspaper </em>El Periódico de Catalunya<em>, section la Càbala, on 21<sup>st</sup> July 2000. </em>

If 1999 was legally significant for the centenary of Ramon Maria Roca Sastre, the first Catalan jurist of the century, with emotional and sincere tributes, this year has just taken place, on 14<sup>th</sup> July, the death of his son, Lluís Roca-Sastre i Muncunill, the beloved teacher and friend to whom the fates have offered an intense and lucid farewell, dialectical like classical tragedies. Lluís knew that his physical mettle betrayed him with slow cruelty as well as he fit with pleasure, one after another, the celebrations that in the figure of his father – on the occasion of the centenary – and himself, as a continuator and renovator of his work, institutions and legal professionals were offering him. With exemplary dignity, with a friendly smile, he has made for him the destiny of great men.

Beyond its merits, his death invites us to meditate on the fact that Law and the legal operators, that serve it with a humanistic vocation, are losing the specific weight they always had, to the benefit of the most ultra-liberal theses and, probably, of moral superficiality. The future may surprise us with a reversal of the trend of <em>free-to-all</em> and with a requalification of the cultural and human sensitivity of jurists as a guarantee – and not only as a complement – of the solvency of the law firms, but this is not an immediate panorama. And so only this economic reason can emphasize the paradox: Roca-Sastre, the notary who knew the most about mortgages in Catalonia, was not exactly one of those who authorized the most mortgage loan deeds. Moreover, a concordant fact: why the authentic notarial vocations are so weak in our country? Lluís encouraged the notary pupils-candidates because he knew how to talk them about Civil, Commercial and Mortgage Law as well as painting, crops, music and Romanesque churches, to the point that some of them claimed that he would not have continued along the notarial path without these priceless lessons of civility, of open-minded culture to the world.